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Pilatus PC-6


The World's Leading STOL

The PC-6 has become a legendary aircraft, known around the world simply as ‘The Pilatus Porter’. Its unique Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities, reliability and versatility in all weather and terrain conditions have established the reputation of the PC-6 as a rugged utility aircraft. The Pilatus Porter PC-6 is fully capable of operating from different types of unprepared, rough and short airstrips, in remote areas, at high altitudes and in all climates. A simple but solid construction, proven systems and features, combined with precision Swiss workmanship result in the highest reliability and lowest maintenance possible. No matter whether high and hot or low and snow - anywhere, anytime you can rely on the Porter as a high quality, life-long investment.


General MissionsPILATUS PC-6

Whether as a passenger aircraft, a platform for parachutists, an air ambulance or just for cargo transport, the Porter delivers the versatility to perform any role that comes its way.

Passenger Aircraft 
The Pilatus Porter PC-6 is able to carry up to ten passengers on triple benches or seven passengers on single seats. 

Para dropping  PILATUS PC-6
The PC-6 is one of the world’s favourite aircraft for para dropping. From an economical, organizational and safety point of view, the operation of the Porter with 10 parachutists has proven to be an ideal solution. The number of companies and drop zones operating the PC-6 is still growing, the PC-6 is the most preferred aircraft for parachutists.

The PC-6 is the ideal platform for aeromedical missions. Large sliding doors on both side of the cabin allow easy loading and unloading of stretchers. The ability to operate from different types of unprepared airstrips and in the harshest environ- ments has proven the PC-6 to penetrate remote areas otherwise only accessible by helicopters but with the range and economy of a fixed-wing aircraft.

Cargo Transport 
With a useable volume of more than three cubic meters and a payload of more than 1’000 kg, the name “Porter” means what it says as the PC-6 is made for the job. Specially-made fixtures allow cargo to be fixed very easily and safely.


Special MissionsPILATUS PC-6

The Porter is an extremely stable platform, making it ideal for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, aerial photography, survey and laser photogrammetric and scanning operations. With its outstanding flight characteristic and the standard floor hatch, the PC-6 is an extremely efficient and cost effective platform to carry out a wide range of surveillance and photo/ laser missions. Various systems such as FLIR, LIDAR and other optical platforms can be integrated into the aircraft without design changes. With the new 250 Amp power distribution system and the two separately controlled mission busses, a camera and/or a search or scanning sensor head can be operated without any in-flight effects on the avionics and instrument systems. An oil collector system and exhaust deflector can be installed for special mission operations to protect the camera lens and all sensor heads. Before landing, you close the trap door to protect your high tech equipment.


The brand new PC-6 glass cockpit features state-of-the-art Garmin G950 cockpit avionics. It sets unprecedented standards in simplicity, reliability and technology for pilots in all phases of the flight. The cockpit comprises a complete and ready-to-fly system, inspired by a low workload philosophy. The cockpit matches pilot need for full situational awareness. Two large LCD screens provide clear visual input, allowing pilots to operate with ease and dispatch in a wealth of situations. Generous shoulder room and spacious seating ensure pilots appropriate freedom of movement, even when wearing special equipment. Seats can be individually adjusted. All switches and controls are ergonomically positioned within easy reach for the pilot. This combination of ergonomic cockpit design and extensive range of equipment represents optimum working conditions. The cockpit doors on both sides of the cockpit allow fast boarding and deboarding. The integrated panoramic windows offer an excellent view for pilot/co-pilot or passenger.



The Pilatus Porter PC-6 has earned its reputation as a workhorse with a cabin volume of more than three cubic meters and a total payload of over 1,000 kg. Two large sliding doors on both sides of the cabin allow easy access to the cabin for loading and removal of freight. When extra space is needed, the passenger seats can be quickly removed and stowed in the additional seat stowage area behind the cabin. The standard floor hatch enables a platform for a wide range of surveillance functions without the necessity of any design changes. Optional trapdoors can be fitted in the centre of the cabin floor. Each trapdoor can take a load of 150 kg (330 lb). The trapdoors can be opened and closed in flight by the pilot.

The PC-6 (B2-H4) has the following performance under international standard atmospheric (ISA) conditions: PILATUS PC-6 dolet

Max cruise speed 125 KTAS 232 km/h 
Max range 10,000 ft 500 nm 926 km
Max operating altitude 25,000 ft 7620 m
Rate of climb (MTOW) 1,010 ft / min 5.13 m/sec 
Take-off distance over 50 ft obstacle (STOL) 1,444 ft 440 m
Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle (STOL) 1,033 ft 315 m
Stall speed
- flaps up (Vs)
- full flaps set (VSO)

58 KEAS kt
52 KEAS kt

107 km/h 
96 km/h